9 de fev de 2015

A Dream of Avalon

And then the Sun went down, Only a campfire heat me now, From behind the trees I hear A melody as sad as a tear.
Where an old Oak has been wrecked,
And the moon's face is reflected
In the great water mirror,
My vision became clearer.
A young lady dressed in white
with her heart shining bright,
Came out from the dark forest's depth
And in the cold I could see her breath.
She took me by the hand,
In that moment I was damned,
I remembered her from other lives
And my spirit was lifted to the heights.

Then her lips touched mine,
a burning flame has raised to shine,
under the stars and zodiacal signs
she walked away from my very sight.
As suddenly as she came, she went away.
left me with my heart doomed to decay.
disappeared in the dark winter night,
To nevermore come out to the light.
Ancient secrets lay unrevealed
Protected by the blinding mists,
The forgotten island still persists
Throughout the aeons forever sealed.
In this island I remain,
Forever alone in the rain
With nothing but my memories,
The mists and the lake.

(From Uther to Igraine, 2014)
*Este poema foi escrito por um leitor do blog Torre no PorãoUther é um pseudônimo.
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